There is this myth that dogs "pick us up." We imagine that we visit a shelter and that the dog that looks us in the eyes and jumoson us tail wagging is the dog that "chooses" us, that tells us "take me with you, make me yours".

It's wrong. The dogs that come wagging their tails are what we call "social".

The perfect companion for us may not be the dog that will choose us." It can instead be the shy dog that sits in the corner and avoids us. The dog that will approach us an hour after or a week after. 

One such dog is Marianthi. She is shy, but she is sweet. She loves human contact, but she does not offer her tenderness generously to everyone. He expects to trust first, and when he trusts, he can give you everything. Isn't that true love after all? The ultimate trust.

Give her a chance. She is like closed flower bud, that when she blooms, she will only give her beautiful smell away to her loved one.