This dog seems so much that it once lived in a house, and perhaps lived well, that we want to see it again in a happy home. He deserves it and we are sure he will do great. 

Mondo, who means world in Italian, ended up at the municipal kennel of Tripoli with a female dog who looks very similar to her, and with whom they are best friends. 

They both look a lot like Labradors, so we're speculating that maybe they're brothers. 

Mondo is a very sociable animal, very cooperative, and very good. He is very good with people and other dogs, he walks on a leash, he is very clean, and despite the bad times he has experienced in the past, his coat shines as if he came out of the bathroom a while ago. 

* Mondo is in the public pound of Tripoli. For his adoption, the same procedure will be followed as with all our dogs.