"In this life you will go down to earth as a dog.

You will have within you the kind of love that will suit your body, a love that is fat and lazy, a love that does not push or demand, it only spreads on its own and pours out around, not like water, fast and rushing, but like the lava, which flows slowly, without being in a rush.

Whoever is waiting around there long enough, your love will reach him, fill him and enchant him. Just as you will not rush to be loved, so you will not rush to do anything in this life. Everything will come seemingly slowly, but it will actually come on time."

And with these words, someone or something sent Petros to earth as a dog, to love. To love lazily and with cheekiness, with absolute purity and innocence.

He doesn't have a bad bone in his body. He only has a trust, and a discretion that seems to not become him and his chubby body, but in reality it does. 

This body suits him, and along with his messy ears and oblique gaze, they make him who he is. You will fall in love with him easily when you meet him.

He gets along well with everyone and everything, people, dogs, birds, fish. And on Saturdays he goes with the volunteers to a dog training center, and when he is not bored, instead of just sitting and smiling, he may obey some commands.