Today, Monday February 21st, we are here for the second time to confirm the criminal indifference of the competent municipal authority, which seems to not comply with any directive, any law, any European norm and to invite people to visit this particular hellhole and to contribute to the slow and torturous killing of animals that were so unlucky and were born on the streets of Sparta. Our "congratulations" to those responsible, because in Sparta we did not see any strays!

We found all unwanted dogs gathered together in that concentration camp of shame, piled up anong their feces, dirty, emaciated, devastated, sick, semi-dead and dead at the end of their chain.

Animals looking for a clean square meter to lie down, begging for a gentle look in the visitors eyes. Animals who instead of food eat their feces, sick animals begging for their end and animals that have been pittied by whichever God is down here, and redeemed from their martyrdom.

We feel sick.

From the cries, the screams, the sound of the crawling chains, the smell of ammonia, the mold, the rottenness. In this hell, a few creepy moments of absolute silence and two baroque sofas make the whole scene look like a surreal thriller of modern Greek madness.

We feel sick knowing that the residents of this city know what's going on and do not talk, that the ones "responsible" also know and do not care, that the state always knows how to apply the law when to comes to private individuals and turns a blind eye when the perpetrators are it's own authorities, leaving the countless complaints pile up in cold files, with the tolerance of everyone involved.

Today, Save a Greek Stray filed a complaint with the public prosecutor's office against all those responsible and asked that the sick animals are handed to us, and all those responsible face the proper legal consequences.

At the moment we are outside the public prosecutor's office and we are waiting for the decision about the delivery of those animals.

We need to inform everyone involved that the animals were photographed yesterday, Sunday 21st, and the absence of any of them will be included in the law suit.