Are you human? You're her friend. Are you acquainted with her? He is her friend. Are you some unknown random stranger? You're her friend. Are you a man? You're her friend. Are you a woman? Are you her friend?

Got it? She only has friends. He basically has all the friends. That sounded wrong, everybody is her friend.

We named her Panacota, firstly because she has the milky color, and secondly because she is very sweet. She is like a milky dessert, like panacota.

She has a long, egg-shaped head. And she also has these small, black, triangular eyes, which are as if they are coming from deep within.

And a short, muscular body. From the one side of her family, Panacotta certainly had a parent or a grandparent who was a Bull Terrier. On the other side of her family, we have no idea where she comes from, but it doesn't matter. 

She is sweet like a dessert, she is very young, and she is ready to make you love her from the get go.

One of her paws is a little crooked from an old fracture, and when she sits or stands it makes her look like those short, crooked leg dogs whose oblique legs become their trademark, instead of their flaw.