You can always help a stray animal!

Our Sponsor a pet program, is a program by which our supporters are able to donate a fixed, monthly amount. This monthly donation, covers the costs of one of our dogs’ expenses, including food, veterinary care and caregiver expenses. The selected amount can either be donated through PayPal, or directly through your bank account.

Once you have joined the Sponsor a pet program and are formally assigned the animal you have selected, you will be sent an adoption certificate with a photograph of your new pet, a sponsor’s card for your wallet, a magnet for your fridge and three updates a year to let you know how he/she is doing. You are of course welcome to visit your “virtual” furry friend at our shelter any-time. Finally, you could always adopt one of our animals on the behalf of one of your friends or family members. We promise it is the PERFECT GIFT for any animal-lover.

The animals included in the Virtual Adoption program, are unable to go to a forever home since, despite our efforts to socialize them and help them heal, they are still particularly fearful of humans