Ramón was born on the street. He was his mother's only puppy, and there couldn't be any more, because it wouldn't fit inside the belly. 

His mom is a dog ten pounds, and by the time she was a month and a half old he had almost reached her size. Now he has overcome it. 

He grew up from 45 days old in our shelter, along with his mom, and after completing his vaccines, he began to go out into the world and discover the joy of being a dog. 

When he first played with another puppy he was so excited, so much so that he forgot his fear of all the stimuli that overwhelmed him since it was his first walk on a leash, and enjoyed the game. 

He was a very innocent puppy, who loved the company of other dogs as soon as he broke away from his mom and started having his own experiences.

At first, he was glued to every dog around him, and slowly, he begins to gain self-confidence, to reflect his personality, without depending on either his mother or the other dogs. 

It's one of our puppies that has worked a lot, both by us at the shelter, and by our volunteers at a training center where they go every week with some of our dogs. 

Ramón is now the best student. He is focused on the person holding him, he has learned some commands, but most importantly he has learned ways to communicate with people. He walks very well on the leash, he does his need on his walk, he is very sociable, and he has found the balance between when we do things and when we just rest and do nothing.