Trixie is probably the most invisible dog in the shelter. As if it's not enough that she is more shy than the winter sun, her looks are also quite indifferent and she is small, short. 

She's been in the shelter for years but it's as if she is not. She sits at a distance constantly, and she looks at you, and she is ashamed, and she keeps herself happy, and she smiles, and she exists, but it is as if she herself does not feel that she exists for others, only for herself.

We took her out for a walk recently, and stopped in front of a yard to let her rest in the shade, and so as the blooming purple daisies were next to her, we stole one and we put her in her ear.

And at that moment, in that courtyard, among the purple flowers, it was as if we saw her for the first time. For a moment her eyes opened and her gaze shone, and she looked so beautiful. Purple becomes her. And the outside world becomes her too.

Trixie is not young. She has a few more quality years ahead, and the most appropriate time to finally see her, to notice her, and to adopt her is now. With the purple daisy in the ear.

She's shy, she's hesitant, but she is sweet and she follows you on the walk, and tolerates the cars passing by her, and she stays and lets you put flowers on her hair, and if you relax, she relaxes a little too, and she comes timidly and smells your hand, and lets you gently pet her under the muzzle.