Save a Greek Stray in collaboration with BP from Saturday 11/5 - Sunday 12/5: 162 dogs were looked after, vaccinated, sterilized and fitted with microchips, in the area of east Mani.
In addition, beginning Monday 6/5 and to Friday 10/5, SGS carried out its educational programme: “Following a four-legged friend: a pet's world” in an effort to increase awareness among young children in primary schools of the area, aiming for a change in mentality and a better understanding of pets needs.

We would like to thank our volunteers, our vets Xristos Ktenas, Theodoros Mpalmenis, Lazaros Karanasios, Nikos Papatheodorou, Thomas Svigkas and BP for their support in the completion of our 2nd expedition. 
We hope for a future without strays!🐾