The city of Tripoli is the 3rd destination of Save a Greek Stray (SGS) team that implements the program “with an endless love for strays” and aims to the animal awareness. It includes a primary school program and a neuter, vaccination, and microchip program for stray animals jointly with VETs, volunteers and the Cultural Animal Organization of Tripoli.


Aiming a better “today” for the street animals, their solitude, their improvement of their way of living and at the same time the public consciousness raising, 2448 students were informed and educated about the problems that they are facing every day, but also about solutions, while 164 strays were neutered. Since 2018 SGS has operated this program in 2 more cities, County of Western Achaia and County of Eastern Mani and it is expected to continue such actions in many other towns too. Since the beginning of these actions we have achieved to brief more than 4000 students and neuter more than 400 female stray animals.


We would like to deeply thank our volunteering VETs:


Karanasios Lazaros

Bablenis Thodoris

Svigkas Thomas

Ktenas Christos

Papatheodorou Nikos