Those who have not lived with blind cats, feel sorry for them. Those who have lived with them, and have met them in person, do not feel sorry for them at all, quite the contrary.

Especially cats that lost their sight from a young age, make people ask "are you sure she not see?", even if they visibly miss the eyes. The only thing they cannot do, is to live as strays. Other than that, their life is no different from that of other cats.

The only difference is that it is incredibly impressive to see them moving in space, playing, jumping, running and chasing games. Blind cats do not get enough. You don't ever get bored of staring at them, and our little one is one of those cats.

Both her eyes were extracted, and as soon as she woke up from the surgery, she almost fell into the bowl of food. She plays like crazy, she moves as if she sees, she is clever, and she is looking for a home. Her name is Acumba (like the plant, the Japanese Daphne, google it and see, it kind of looks like her)