Don't look and realize that this dog has never had even half a chance in his life. Not half, never by anyone. 

No one dealt properly, or probably not at all, no one ever loved her, no one helped her, not in the slightest. 

And yet, this dog with zero opportunities, managed not only to survive, but to stand on her feet and her values, which she alone discovered and decided to maintain, as if she had them from a previous life. 

Betty is an even-tempered dog. With her wonderful, pitch-black eyes, she looks and observes what is happening around her, but she does not intervene or take initiatives on her own. At the moment he mainly observes. 

It is very cooperative with people. Whether you want to take her for a walk, want her to sit next to you quietly, or try an exercise with her, Betty will work together, as if she knows that's what a dog should do. 

He has the intelligence of a wolf dog, without having the confidence.

Now that her life has changed, that she has attention, love, education and proper care, she observes everything trying to understand the new reality, and learn how to become the best version of herself in it. 

We believe that she will be able to become a cooperative, good and trustworthy pet, and that all this love she has been deprived of, she will give generously if given a chance.