Lemon is a watery and healthy Pointer. It is an active dog, which needs good but also proper relief in order to be happy. 

In the shelter he does not have the ability to defuse properly and properly, so he tries to defuse himself. 

When he is out in the courtyard, he hunts flies and butterflies alone. When he is in his cage, he hunts flies and horseshoes. When he goes out for a walk, he hunts flies and butterflies. 

It sounds funny but it's not at all. It also sounds like this is something easy, because the dog defuses itself, which is wrong. 

Lemon tries to make up for his lack of proper relief by keeping busy as he sees fit. The result is that he has no communication with anyone, neither man nor dog, is incredibly lonely, and never catches a butterfly. He is thus left unsatisfied, having set himself an elusive goal, as a result of which he is addicted to adrenaline, and never calms down or is satisfied. 

A very good exercise for him is the ball. It's a way for him to understand how play can be interactive, and a good way to take advantage of something he really likes to build communication with the dog. 

He needs a person who will stimulate him insufficiently and correctly, and most importantly interactively, in order to build communication, and also a man who will teach Lemon not only how to release properly, but also how to calm down and enjoy moments of peace. He misses that unbelievably. 

It is a very good dog, lost somewhere between the way it has found itself and the lack of exclusivity it needs. 

In the shelter he is constantly slimming down, without being sick, opium is very common in dogs like this, who do not have what they need.