Clara in Spanish means bright, shiny.

And we named this dog that way because it is as if it has a light of her own inside it, which illuminates what is around it, and makes it more beautiful, more alive and more real.

She was found on the street dragging her front leg, which was dead and had to be amputated. She had the surgery, she was spayed, and all the time she spent in the vet clinic, despite the pain and difficulties, the light inside her never went out.

Clara is an incredibly tender and human centered dog, with a wonderful fluffy hair, a tail HUGE and tufted, and a sweetness that is unique.

She walks normally on the leash after three legs, comes wherever you are and sits next to you, looks you in the eye, and stays there next to you, and generously gives you her sweetness, and if she knows you a little better, she falls on her back and gives you her belly and with it all her trust. 

Clara trusts and loves people very much, and when you are with her it is as if a cool breeze is blowing that relaxes you, calms you and cleans the atmosphere so that everything you see clearer, brighter and more beautiful.

She will become the perfect pet, she is born for it. She will adore you and you will adore her back.