We remember the moment she came as if it were yesterday. On the second day of out TNR program in western Greece, in a crate in the back of a pick up truck, Nala arrived, and it was as if the whole place was suddenly illuminated.

Maybe it was just her color, that sweet beige with a little ashy like gray, which is like pure sand on a deserted beach, maybe it was her sweet eyes, which look like they;ve been painted, maybe it was just what she was emitting from inside.

She looked like she had recently given birth, but puppies were nowhere to be found, and as if that wasn't enough, she was bitten by other dogs in her abdomen and full of she was abscesses. She needed hospitalization, so she came with us to Athens and stayed with us.

Nala is an incredibly sweet and kind dog, with a warm look and a warm heart. She is kind and loving, and trusts people. She follows on the walk, even if she might be abit scared, and every now and then she stops to turn to look at you and get a a pet and a confirmation that all is well. And then she continues. 

She is a dog that will love you from the first moment. And after she knows and trusts you more, she will love you even more. She has a lot of love to give, and as soon as she gains a little self-confidence, he has a lot of cheekiness to give as well, which for now is barely visible, but present.