We try and try to photograph the poor woman, lest we manage to highlight even the slightest in one photograph the beauty of her soul, and we never succeed. 

Her most beautiful photograph does not show in the slightest the kindness of her heart and sweetness of her character.

Daphne is one of those dogs that have a common appearance, that have no photogenicity, and that unfortunately do not catch the eye. We know what you're going to say, "but she's beautiful." It may be, but unfortunately to most people dogs don't look gorgeous. 

She is a very sweet girl, very easy-going, very loving and very cooperative. She follows on the walk just fine, sits with you enjoying your company, is not reactive when she sees other dogs, and is generally a mature but cheerful dog. 

In some photos, you can see in her look, how good she is, and how much she trusts people. 

It is an animal that has never caused us any problems, from the first day it came to the shelter. 

She really deserves a home. We believe that she is one of those dogs that will enter a house and life with her will go smoothly and sweetly.