Morocco is a pupby plump, graceful, short, with short, thick legs, a thick belly, a goiter and ears disproportionate to its size. All of the above are his appearance assets.

It's generally what someone looks for in a puppy. He is sweet, sociable and cheerful, except when you hug him, who gets serious and stays still, like a statue, as if he is posing (or as if he doesn't understand why you are holding him up there basically) - although now he hardly gets up in his arms, as as we said he is a little fat, even though he is short. 

It has a combination of colors that seems exotic to us. It has the black that reminds us of Africa, it has the blond of the sand that reminds us of the desert, and it has the white white that is like being burned by the sun. 

From all of the above, we took him out of Morocco. 

It's the dog you want to zoom into, both because of the appearance and the excess skin that pours out here and there, but also because of its character, because it has something very remarkable. 

It came to us from the public pounf of Tripoli and he is ready for a forever home.