She will hear the keys at the door and start rubbing on furniture and meowing, you will enter the house and she will come to your feet, you will pet her and she will be soft like cotton, she will sit next to you on the couch and rest on her head on you.

The movements of her head will make her look like she is dancing, as she tries to focus with one eye. Little by little she will get used to, and you will remember again these movements of the head, the only ones that you first loved, only when she sees something new or something that creates curiosity for her.

She will be like a foam ball inside the house, moving quietly and tenderly, and softening everything she touches. She will make emotions look like something made of tangible materials, with volume and true dimensions. You'll think about how lucky you are to have such a cat. Denise is looking for a home. She is made to make people happy. 

She can live with other cats but not with dogs.

Watch her video here.