He's tiny and very cute, and he makes you want to grab him and caress him and squeeze his ears and cheeks etc. 

But you can't. You'll have to wait. Wait for him to come to you, and to come he needs a way, he needs some time and he needs patience. 

Dominic has a social dog inside him, but because no one taught him how to be sociable at the beginning of his life, he needs to learn from the beginning how to participate in people's lives, and how to share things without fear. 

His best friend is Popi, they came together from the public pound of Tripoli, and as Dominic is more hesitant, while Popi is more sociable, he follows her and imitates her in everything she does. 

It will help him to have another sociable dog at home, but also not to have one, he will open up over time and patiently.