When he came to us, Mario had no hair at all, and his skin was in such a bad state that it looked burnt. All this had been caused by a thyroid, and as soon as he started taking his daily medications, he began to improve immediately. 

And as the coat began to improve, he began to improve also as a personality. To feel better, to open up, to rejoice. 

He is short, with short legs, and a personality that is not to be underestimated. He is the type of short dog that does not feel short, but very normal. He roams the shelter as if he is a normal dog like everyone else, and not as if he lacks a meter in height. 

She loves treats, and can do anything for food. This means that he can steal food if he finds it at hand, but it also means that he can learn everything, if you use the food correctly, as a training tool. 

He is a sweet dog, even if he does not appear sweet at first sight. If you treat him as if he is a dog with personality, and show him respect, he will show you respect as well, he will love you, move into your house and live with you.