Menios (from melenios, meaning sweet like honey in Greek) is a puppy who was definitely a pet that was abanoned, he has been fostrered in an apartment, and is ready to go to his forever home. 

The little one was found roaming the streets, in a village in the countryside, looking lost and was hit by a car in front of the eyes of the girl who was trying to help him. Before reaching us he was confined to a crate, as a result of which his broken leg healedon its own, and he did not need surgery. 

Menios spends his time between the shelter and a foster home, so we realized that this dog is definitely from home. He has not peed or pooped in the apartment once, he has not barked, he has not mande any noise at all, he has not damaged anything. It is precisely at the age he passes from the puppy he was, to the teenage dog, and this age is the easiest, because he has both the grace of the puppy, and the relative maturity of the dog who knows how to behave in a house. 

He is a sweet creature, with two beautiful expressive eyes, and is ready for his forever home.