Rigas is like a child trapped in the body of an adult dog.

He's not like a kid because he's stupid, on the contrary, he does a lot of things that we expect an adult dog to do (okay and some silly things sometimes).

Child is because he is good.

For his record, what we do know is that he once had his man, who was old. One day, Rigas, in his joy, jumped on him to meet him, threw him down, and so, summarily, the dog ended up in the municipal kennel of Tripoli.

That's where we met him, and we loved him. We loved him for his innocence, his purity, and his guileless love for people. We understood from the first moment that this dog, if he does not have people near him, will simply wither, so he came with us to Athens, to have a chance to find what will make him happy.

It is a dog that if someone deals with him properly, and helps him communicate his love and enthusiasm correctly, he will become the perfect pet. He has a lot of appetite and willingness to learn, and most importantly, he has the ability to learn.

He has lived a month in hospitality, and there he learned many things, and we learned things about him. He is accustomed to crates, goes in on his own and sits quietly without disturbing anyone, is clean in the house and does no damage - the only thing you should be careful about is never leaving food in a place where he will have access. He will steal it and eat it.

She loves walks, but she does them the wrong way. He is overly excited and especially when he first comes out he does not know how to enjoy what he loves so much, so he gets tired, but tires in the wrong way.

The daily and proper release will help him tremendously to properly enjoy what he loves, and as long as communication is built with us.