We were trying to photograph her for a long time, and it wasn't easy, because all she wanted was to be on two legs, hugging us and nothing else. 

When he gets out of the cage and has people around, all he wants is to be with people. And when she's in the cage, all she does is sit on the bars and wait for you to go and give her some attention and caresses. 

Mirella is a girl like the cold waters. Fresh, new, cool, cheerful, sweet. 

It has a soft and silky coat, two beautiful eyes and a huge heart. She hugs you and crosses both her legs, trying to grab you lest you leave her. 

She is sociable with other dogs, wonderful with people, and will love you as soon as she sees you. 

*Mirella is located in the public pound of Tripoli. For her adoption, the same procedure will be followed as with all our animals.