Brian was found abandoned in a field with his two brothers when he was two months old. They were three babies, one cuter than the other, that when they were all together, they did concerts that could be heard from miles away, and when they were each alone they acted all quiet and calm.

And that's how we named these three babies by names of the Beach Boys.

The little ones came to the shelter, began to make new friends, and now their group concerts have been limited, as they mature.

Brian is a typical silly puppy, from what you see and realize that the puppy's role is to be the joy of life. And only that. He is cheerful, sociable, plays with his friend Chris, chases balls and ribbons, and is happy to live. And rightly so. 

He is the ultimate puppy, cute and carefree, who tries to communicate, to play with you when you want him to play, to sit like a good boy and look at you meaningfully when you want something from him, and most importantly, he is the custest thing ever.