If you like ears, but you also like whiskers, and you've imagined the ideal dog having a combination of both but you think it doesn't exist, uh well..it does exist.

Monique may look and sound French, but she is actually a Spartan, and no matter what happened to her in the public pound of Sparta,  it did not affect her at all, did not touch her, did not mark her.

She is a young and incredibly sweet dog, who you caress and look you in the eyes while her crude whiskers and eyebrows shimmer differently, depending on the light.

She has a freshness of her own, she is kind, sweet doggie, cheerful and tender. She is the dog that you want to have next to you, that you want to stir her whiskers and keep telling her "what a beautiful dog you are Monique. And what a good dog. And how much I love you"