Our Niki (meaning Victory in Greek) when she came was the shadow of herself. She was malnourished and sick, and as if that wasn't enough, halfway through her healing she began to deteriorate. Eventually we discovered that there were dead embryos in her abdomen, and she was one step away from dying of sepsis herself.  

Our girl recovered, and not only did she recover completely, but she also became a very sociable and intelligent dog, who adores people and gets along perfectly with the rest of the dogs. Her past is as if she never lived it, as if none of what she went through ever happened. 

After her recovery, she participated in the prisoner training program at the Women's Rural Prison of Eleonas Thebes. He stayed there for a few weeks, and learned to live with people, and to handle a daily routine in an environment and in conditions that are as close as possible to the conditions of a home.

Now she is a beautiful dog, healthy, sociable and ready for her forever home. 

Watch a video with her story HERE.