It is the hound the tall and thin, the neurotic, that seems to have worked. Either she didn't do her job well, or she was bored, or who knows, after all, it doesn't matter, she was abandoned on the street and ended up in the municipal kennel of Tripoli.

There we met her, and she came with us to Athens. 

Olive gains confidence and forgets all the things that stress her only when she is in nature, where she goes with her nose on the ground, doing what she does best. The smells make her mind work, and she is forgotten. 

She is a dog that has not been socialized in the outside world, so sounds and noises stress her. However, because she is too anthropocentric and too sweet, she always turns to you, who adores you, and jumps into your arms, trying to hide her head inside you.

Olive embraces you tenderly and gently. For anything that stresses her, you are her crown, her support. 

She is a gorgeous dog. She has chocolate brown, two lovely green eyes and an almost human face. When she looks at you, it's as if all her emotions are painted on her face. 

It's an open book, and it's the dog that you will understand its emotions, and so you will help it manage them in the fierce way, whether the emotion you see in it is fear, wonder, or need for affirmation. 

She is very good with other dogs, and a balanced dog in the house will help her open up, just as her best friend Persa is helping her now.