Plato is the camping puppy. Let us explain. 

Plato sits and lies down, and he does this very well, like a genuine campist who goes around camping years in the summers, and has mastered the art of hanging out outside the tent, under the tree. 

He was born in a Roma camp and lived there for the first month of his life. He came to us with his sister Erato, bringing his green eyes, his puppyish freshness, and his flabby, relaxed body, which as he moves aorund while walking, you can almost hear a pla plaf. 

Is he a sweet and good puppy, sociable and tender, who will play, smell around, walk with his harness, play with his toys and with the other puppies, and when he has had enough of all this, then he will hang out next to you or on you, and no matter what, even if theres a party going on next door, he will realx and he will sleep.