You walk into the shelter and all the dogs in her company, five or six, girl boys, come up to you, and she asks for attention, some jump, some jump, and she looks at you. 

She comes for caresses calmly and gently, and if you caress her she sits with you. If you don't pet her, or if panic with the other dogs doesn't pay attention to her, she goes back to where she was sitting. 

He sits and sunbathes, sits and relaxes, without disturbing, as if he understands that the treaty does not raise another dog begging for attention and petting. 

It is not indifferent to human presence, quite the contrary. He participates while you're there, but in that discreet way he has, without bothering at all.

Sandy is a very sweet and calm dog, with a gentle character and very kind and soft manners. 

It doesn't have the enthusiasm of the Setters, at least not as far as we've seen. She's calm, quiet, and serious, and she makes you want to go sit next to her, and share some of that calmness she has.