Imagine the perfect dog. A dog that listens to commands, that participates perfectly in group training programs, that sits next to you as if it were a guide dog. With seriousness, with self-awareness, with empathy.

Now remove something. Or rather, no do not remove, add.

Add various small flaws.

For example, this seemingly perfect dog who sits proud and calm next to other dogs doesn't really like other dogs much. She simply tolerates them, as long as they do not violate her space.

Also add a dislike to very young children. If you have small children, this dog is not for you.

Add a little possessiveness as well. This dog will bond with you, and prefers to be the only dog you love.

So is Toffee, a perfect dog with many flaws. Perfectly inmeperfect. 

It is not a dog for all families and for all lifestyles. It's a family dog without kids, or with kids of a certain age (not toddlers), a dog you'll walk on a leash, and no dog friends in the neighborhood. Meeting them on the walk will probably ignore them, and you will ignore them too.

Forget about the dog park unless you take her when it's empty. Forget about the possibility of cohabiting with another female dog. Perhaps he will be able to cohabit with a male, but there should be balance in the house, for which you, together with the dogs, will work, and you will have to do it correctly.

Toffee had been found a stray on the street where she had given birth. She came to the shelter with her babies, raised them with a lot of love, they were adopted and she was not. He has been housed, knows how to walk on a leash, knows how to behave like a pet dog, and can go back to a house and adapt immediately.