Eva lived in a camp. Tied with a thick and rusty chain, weak and miserable. 

There she mated, tied up, there she gave birth, and there she struggled to raise her children. She came with us to Athens, along with her babies, to have the chance of a better life. 

Two of the babies were already sick with typhus, and they were all placed in isolation, and Eve went into shelter. 

She is being treated for erlichia, has anemia and petrified milk in her breasts. 

It is a dog of very mild tones, a little scared but not phobic. It is quiet and very relaxed. He lives very harmoniously with three cats at home and gets along very well with all dogs. 

She's spotless, and doesn't want to get dirty in her space, but she needs some training to learn to do them on the street on a leash.