We are firm believers in the phrase “Children are the Future”. One of our greatest hopes, is that of a future where no animal will have to suffer at the hands of human beings. Today’s children will play a determining role in this oasis. Wanting to reach the children, future adults who we hope will continue our work and guarantee a future of kindness and love for animals, we decided to create an educational program tailored to their needs.

The program uses fun, interactive games to teach children how to appreciate and respect animals.

The SGS Educational Program includes:

  •  Safety guidelines on how to approach a dog they do not know, or what to do in case they are chased and knocked down.
  • The great responsibility of owning a dog and how to care for and play with their pet.
  • An introduction to what a shelter is and why stray animals exist.
  • A demonstration of body posture and what it indicates (happy dog, angry dog etc.).


*Protocol number of approval by the Ministry of Education and Religion : 155106/2022