On Tuesday, March 12th, at the Ecali Club, strays took center stage as a crowd gathered to express their love for them, have fun, and support the work of the Save a Greek Stray organization. This special day was filled with love, and the audience was entertained by Anna Vissi, who tirelessly sang old and new hits for two hours without charge.

The president and founder of Save a Greek Stray, Erietta Kourkoulou-Latsi, expressed great happiness in looking back and seeing how far the organization has come today. She also mentioned feeling even stronger, realizing that there are other 'crazy' people who share the same vision.

This evening became a reality thanks to the participation of people like Mrs. Lulu Zein, and through the contribution of organizations that share a common vision for the future of strays and substantially supported this initiative, such as N1 Casino, DIAGEO, ESA Security Solutions, ROYAL CANIN, as well as Foltene Pharma, Kalua Athens/Mykonos, Bar Solutions, Stylebox, Kyriakos-Giannis, Panik Entertainment Group, Deipnosofistirion, Ecali Club, and Anatol.