5 adult horses and one foal living without any substantial care or supervision, in appalling conditions, in 2 unbuilt plots in the Municipality of Acharnes were confiscated on November 29 and transferred to our facilities.



Following an anonymous complaint to the police station of Acharnes, an autopsy was performed by the police and the veterinary service of the Region of Eastern Attica. The veterinary, assessing the deplorable welfare conditions of the animals, recommended their removal from the living quarters and the Athens Public Prosecutor's Office for the Protection of Animals issued an order for their permanent removal and their surrender to Save a Greek Stray.



We would like to emphasize that everything was done in accordance with the provisions of the law on animal welfare, without excuses and delays from the parties involved, and mainly in accordance with the ethics towards animals. Indeed, the fact that these are equines, whose welfare is often misinterpreted and protected only piecemeal, makes the whole operation even more moving, but also important.



The animals were very malnourished, permanently tied, exposed to the weather, unkempt and one of the horses was in a desperate psychological state due to his permanent confinement, shaking his head rhythmically back and forth constantly. The competent authorities trusted us to take care of these suffering animals. We coordinated and implemented, with the assistance of our specialized partner, their removal from the site, and now they are with us.



It's really in a miserable state. Blood tests and deworming will be done on everything, they will be examined by a specialized veterinarian, they will recover, they will get stronger and the two infertile males will be neutered. If all goes well and the animals recover, we will seek responsible adoption.