It is a strong, robust, sociable and very loving dog, who may once have been the leader of a stray pack, and roamed proudly in his neighborhood.

He seems to have lived well, and been taken care of.

Unfortunately he went blind, we do not know from what, because otherwise he is very healthy.

And life on the street for a dog that does not see is impossible to be good.

He came to us to live safely, but he doesn't deserve the shelter. Antonis is an animal that still has a great appetite for life, and despite being blind, he does not hesitate to do all the things that a dog he sees can do.

He goes for a walk, though cautiously in places where he does not know, comes for caresses, and tries to communicate with the senses he has left.

We would love to see him in a home where he will live as he deserves.

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