Harry was one of the sickest dogs we got from the public pound of Sparta. Either because he didn't feel physically well, or because he was exhausted by the conditions there, or both, when he came he was just a sad, defeated wreck.

His transformation is impressive not so much in appearance, but mentally. Harry reached his ideal weight, his wounds are completely closed, and his coat improved, but the most touching of all is his mental transformation.  

He has become such a happy dog now, sweet, tender and sociable that it is difficult to show in a photo. He is so overtly and just plain happy that we named him Harry (meaning happy in Greek). He has a clean and gentle face, two gorgeous eyes the colour of honey, and is ready to live his life, a life he hadn't even imagined existed. 

He is a very good creature. Very good, kind and tender, and he is ready for his forever home.