Van Dam and her two male siblings, Jean and Claude, came to the shelter when they were just a week old, and they grew up with us. 

She has been reserved three times for adoption, and has been canceled ALL three, before she even goes home, for various reasons that have nothing to do with the dog. Every time an adoption is canceled, until she is promoted again, Van Dame loses a month, resulting in her growing. She was 4 months old when we expected her to go home soon, then she was five, then seven. 

For such a dog, this is a pity. The girl is a member of a large family. Nine puppies were in total, seven have been adopted and are doing great. 

The girl is a luscious creature, cheerful, sociable, and is incredibly trainable. She goes on Saturdays with volunteers and other dogs to a training center, and is excellent, incredibly intelligent, and learns very quickly. And She is also gorgeous.

We do not want such a dog to grow up in the shelter. We don't want any dog to grow up here, but in her case there is honestly no reason. She is very young, she is gorgeous, she is a good dog, and she is ready for her forever home.