We called him Henry because he reminds us of a nobleman, or a horseman, or an important man of another era. 

His black long ears are as if he were wearing a wig from those once worn by the nobles, and on his body it is as if he is wearing an expensive fur of those that have no volume and stand still, but of those that have a low pile and fall elegantly, embracing the one who wears them. 

Especially at a time when he was wearing the collar, even as he was sitting in the cage and looking at us, it was as if Henry the "some important number" in formal attire was looking at us, ready to announce some very important new regulation. 

Henry lived in the municipal kennel of Tripoli. He became a skeleton from starvation, and we brought him to Athens, where he recovered after a long time and came back to his normal weight. 

It is a dog really beautiful, very good, a little hesitant and scared because as a hound obviously it has not been properly socialized, but with interest in exploring.

When he goes for a walk in nature, no matter how much he is afraid, he does what he does best, smells and explores with his nose down, and this helps him in his self-confidence. 

When he goes out into town he is hesitant and fearful, yet cooperative, and as much as he is afraid, if you have food to cajole him he will gladly eat it.