Alice was born to help you see the world with a fresh eye. She has within herself an enthusiasm for everything, and as much as she is wronged by the society that pushed her to the margin, she persists. Everything she has received in her life so far is a "go away, live alone, this world is not for you, you are unwelcome", which she pretends not to hear.

"Wow a magical world out there!! I will discover him with a smile!" this seems to be the philosophy of her life. Alice treats the world and what it has to offer as if Alice is in Wonderland. With a twist, and an excitement that can be seen in all her being, in her face, her body, her behavior.

She is a very young dog, which has in it all the joy that exists. Life with Alice won't be boring, because Alice isn't boring. Neither in appearance, nor in character. He will love you and show it to you, he will be surprised and he will show it to you, he will be excited and he will show it to you.

You will not be bored either showing her new things, or watching her process and enjoy new things.

Probably to cut off the voices that told her that she didn't deserve to live, she became sort of deaf, and that makes her perhaps have that furrowed eye the only one, as if she is trying to listen with her eyes.