He came for TNR one day, and never left. But he is a dog we couldn't let go back on the street.

Bolshoi got his name because he is like a ballet dancer, who one day, after leaving the show, various adventures happened to him, and his white costume was soiled and torn, and he himself was greatly hurt.

But even though he ended up like this, dirty and distressed, the dancer's grace stayed with him, because this is something he has inside him permanently, without trying.

His ENTIRE fur has those mermaid type of curls, the very fine, long ones, like the ones poodles have. The whole dog is like that, and we have never seen anything like it. He is literally like a sheepdog wearing a poodle outfit. 

We had time to take some pictures of him before he got a haircut, because he was matted and full of dreads, and we will wait for his wonderful hair to grow long again. He's an amazing puppy, with two gorgeous watery, pitch-black eyes.