We have a dog that is like these race dogs with towering legs and a muscular toned body that you see and understand when if they start running they can reach incredible speeds.

With her tabby coat, her incredible ones that have not yet decided whether they want to be up or down, or up and down and a little sideways, and the white socks on her very high legs, Danae is a puppy that looks like a puppy, but at the same time does not look like it.

She doesn't have the chubby, puppy body, she never had it, not even when she was younger. She has the tall, the thin, the noble body, as if she were a model.

On the road they will look at you, ask you what breed it is and what speeds it catches when running. It is an intelligent, communicative and sociable dog. She is very good with the other dogs, and with all the people, she enjoys her walk very much, and they opened up ready for her forever home.

She is vaccinated, spayed and healthy.