Since he was a baby, Dustin has had the most huge and expressive eyes.

Even when he was recovering in the vet cage, we would hug him and with his huge round eyes he would look as if inside they could fit the whole world, and as if no more eyes existed to see the world anyway.

He was responsible for being seen by all mankind.

And in general, it is true,he's been in pur arms a lot as, firstly because he stays there silently, and secondly because it's mainly when he's in a hug that his eyes are so glaring.

We adore him.

He is special, and you'll have to get to know him to understand it. There is something about this puppy that makes him seem to be one of the personalities that overflow from his body and coat and spread out in the surrounding area.

After he recovered and had all his vaccinations, we started taking him for a walk to the estate around the shelter, and now he goes to the beach and the wind blows his fresh hair, his baby clothes.

He's started doing both chisa and poop on the walk – huge progress for a puppy you know, and he's happy and exploring the world, and he's overjoyed.

We have a soft spot for Dustin. Because he deserves it. He is a baby who is both loving, and happy, and trusts you and follows you, and is ready to learn, to know, to smell and to live.