You enjoy pettin him so much. You slip your hand into his fur, that is so soft, tender and fluffy, and wish you had ten hands just to pet him.

His coat is so soft that you spontaneously approach your head and unconsciously try to put your whole face in it, in his soft puppylike hairs.

Felix is a tender, cheerful creature, who rejoices in the simplest things of life and with his whole flully fur rejoices too.

We met him in the 8th TNR campaign and every day we took a short break to get him out of the crate, sit for five minutes with him, and just pet him.

He is a pure, good and good puppy, that when he sees you puts on a huge, innocent smile, and with him the whole world smiles. No matter what problems you have, no matter how many concepts and worries, you forget everything with him.