In movies about the end of the world, there is usually a dog somewhere. It is the dog that makes you feel safe, the dog that is proud and strong, that walks next to the protagonist, that is with him in the difficult and incomprehensible moments of life. One such dog is Fredo.

He is one of these dogs made for a human, their human, ready to learn ready to go along, ready to face together. Albert Kami had written somewhere "Don't walk in front of me because I may not follow you. Don't walk behind me because I may not lead you. Walk beside me and become my partner."

With every gaze, with every move, with every breath, Fredo asks you to show him how to walk by your side, how to become your companion. This dog blooms when he has a human who spends time with him. It is an animal with self-confidence and a kind of empathy that is rare, as if it has in it codes of communication that while in other animals seem difficult, for him it is very easy.

He was born somewhere in mid 2020, and was born to star in the film of his life, along with his human, whom he is looking for.