She is  barely 3 kilos, and when we found her in one of the cages in the public pound of Sparta, we nearly collapsed. It was the worse kennel of all. 

Five dogs, swimming in the feces, one of them dead, and the remaining four with mange from top to bottom. It was the first dog we got from there, and as we lifted her to carry her out, a smile appeared on our face. And that smile is still there. 

Every time we look at her, and every time we spend time with her, we smile. Even when she was weak and full of mange, in her misery, she had a cheekiness and a grace. We named Irene, and we call her the Erinaki (from the title of a famous Greek song).

She is social, sweet, has an incredible self-confidence and an appetite for life, and it's very funny to see this character in such a small and cute little body.