There are some dogs that are misunderstood, that we put a label on them because it is convenient and we tend to see only this sign, and not the real dog behind it.

Electra's sign is "the crazy one", and we call her so sometimes with all our love. Before we brought her in for the photo shoot in front of the Christmas tree, for example, we were thinking "oh I hope she doesn't make a mess". And yet she didn't make a mess, she destroyed nothing, she just posed like a professional, looking with these brilliant eyes of herst, full of eagerness to learn and a zest for life.

She is a dog that is social, sweet, friendly and very intelligent. This zest that she has, that gave her the nickname "crazy", if channeled properly and creatively, by someone who is willing to teach her, can make her learn anything a dog can elarn.

Her mind is sharp and her intelligence is seen in her eyes, those eyes that follow you trying to understant what you want from her, what you expect, and what you are able to teach her