Karim is a dog who will love you and trust you immediately.

He'll go for a walk with you as if you've always gone for a walk together. If you stop to rest in a park, he will fall for your petting, rub his head on your shoulder, and snuggle into your arms – or sit like a good dog, obeying some command if that's what you prefer him to do.

If you have food, he will immediately do all the commands he knows for you, and he will try to learn more, as long as you show them to him correctly.

He will sit cross-legged and munch on his delicacy as if he were a child enjoying a very tasty dessert so much that you will remember this moment as one of the most tender of their childhood.

He is a good, functional and dynamic dog that will work with you because it will trust your ability to show it in the right way that you are worthy of its trust. He has a lovely blue eye, and looking inside it makes you want to travel to an exotic beach.