She was two months old when she lost her eye on the street where she was born. She came to us undaunted and full of zest for life. What if the eyeball hung from her orbit, she behaved as if nothing was happening, and with this optimism she treated everything, as if nothing was capable of intimidating her. Surgery, recovery, collar, stitches, shelter, evacuation, a failed adoption, return to the shelter. Within the first seven eight months of her life she lived and faced all this, without losing herself, her appetite and her enthusiasm for life for a moment. Not a single moment. And in these months that we are living with her the story of her life, we have not been able to feel sorry for her for even a minute. She doesn't let you feel sorry for her, with anything. Korina is a dog with a lot of self-confidence, with energy and willingness to conquer the world, to participate in it, to live. Her mind and body seem to be always ready. Ready to learn, to do, to triumph. They are like these very smart kids, who never have good grades in school. Not because they can't understand, quite the contrary, but because the school seems so much lower than their abilities that they are trying to learn on their own, trapped in a system that cannot help them. She needs a family that will guide her properly, and help her use her enthusiasm creatively, consistently, program, and an understanding of her abilities and needs.