Lancelot is a good dog. Very.

He's innocent, and he trusts people no matter what they do to him – whether you're bathing him, taking him for a walk, or petting him, he thinks what's happening right now is what needs to be done, he knows you, he doesn't know you.

It is a Setter of moderate energy, which, if it has the right relief, will live with you at home just fine. He's sociable, polite enough, funny a bit, and good-natured too.

It gets along just fine with other dogs, and with all people. He may have had a hard time, like most hounds, but his past life has in no way affected him. He is cheerful and balanced.

We called him Lancelot because with his ears that are pitch black like he's wearing a wig, he looks like a knight's dog.

He has been a guest in a house for a few days, and has been quiet and cooperative.