All the stereotypes about dogs, all the mistakes we make, all our wickedness and all our immorality towards them could be summed up in her story alone.

In the TNR campaign we did on April 23 in western Greece, we reached a village where she lived. With a collar on the neck, but without belonging to anyone. A stray.

She had recently given birth, and her babies had "disappeared". He was looking for them everywhere. He was going around smelling, searching, in despair.

They also informed us that she is "aggressive", not to approach her, but at the same time without approaching her, to catch her, spay her and leave her "elsewhere", because there she was unwanted and dangerous.

Finally she got into the car alone, finally she stayed in the crate still and silent, and finally we decided on the second day to take her for a walk because her crate was spotless and she needed to go to the toilet.

And she came out and started jumping and falling on her back and showing her belly and we kissed her on the face and on her sheepdog cheeks, and she is basically a good and pure and innocent child, and we still kiss her every day, because she came with us to Athens. Martha is almost ready for her forever home.

Whatever harm people have done to her, she has already forgotten it. She never really understood it to be honest. The evil that was done to her, she never combined it with people, and this is the magic of dogs.